Friday, March 1, 2013

Project 4

Project # 4
What the items of my fridge reveal about me.

Top shelf:
Milk, Aloe Vera Juice, 100% grape juice, sour cream, buttermilk ranch, a bowl of pumpkin, and a cup of lemon juice.

Middle shelf:
3 dozen eggs, variety of plain and vanilla flavored whole milk yoghurt full of billions of live and active cultures,  variety of bags of shredded cheese, and a bag of organic Flax Seed Meal.

Bottom shelf:
Thawing home grown chicken drum and thigh, kale, baby spinach, carrots, celery, ½ a red cabbage head, parsnips, and ginger.

Door top shelf:
Cream cheese, a half eaten yellow bell pepper, Tillamook yogurt, Olive Leaf complex, acidophilus tablets.

Door middle shelf:
Oranges and lemons.

Door bottom shelf:
Cottage cheese, Tamari sauce, Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, yellow mustard x 2. 

I am curious what my readers think my fridge says about me. 
Please leave a comment telling me. 
I will soon post my thoughts on what my fridge says about me. 


  1. My first reactions and thoughts (please read it in a humorous way): why bottled grape juice? yummy yogurt, sour cream? (Brent must like it, do you?), not enough eggs (we buy 5 dozen every week and a half), Tillamook- yummy! LOVE ginger, yay, you have access to oranges; where's the chicken, wow-kale (have you tried making them into chips?), Olive Leaf complex- what is that? and what is it for?, acidophilus tablets- cool you can get that. Ok, now, it' s funny looking at your sister's fridge, I think it does tell a lot about your life and your likes, something that you don' t talk about when you chat long distance, or you haven' t seen each other for years. People change, likes change, even people you grew up with and lived for a long time. Very interesting project. Now, can you guess what my fridge has? jajajaja

    1. I agree. Your fridge is a window into who you are and what you stand for.
      How do YOU get YOUR grape juice?
      Olive Leaf Complex is really good for you - tastes bad - but it is full of antioxidants and is highly anti-microbial. It promotes good health.
      Brent is the sour cream eater. I DO like sour cream but not like Brent...
      We have a small fridge so I can't keep too many eggs at once. I just bought laying hens that will be arriving early may - so by the fall I will have farm FRESH eggs again.
      I forgot to post the picture of the chicken - I will add it.
      What IS in your fridge?

  2. Reactions: that you are serious about food. You like it organized, fresh, a variety of flavors, and ingredients to make lots of delicious dishes.

    Mine would say: SLOB.


    1. I thought there wasn't much variety...I wish I had MORE ingredients in there to make MORE delicious stuff - but right now I am on a silly gluten and sugar free diet which makes for making yummy stuff not fun.