Friday, February 1, 2013

Project # 1

Write the story of why you moved to the city in which you currently live.

Sometime in early 2009 Brent and I decided that although we absolutely loved Petersburg, Alaska - a very quaint norwegian settled fishing village on the Alaska marine highway - we would never be able to reasonably afford living there.  We wanted to buy a house but property there is limited and was way out of our budget.  Our bright idea was to move somewhere on the road system, buy property, build a house, build some equity, and someday move back - hopefully using that equity to buy our dream home on the little island we loved so much.  This is a pretty close version of the conversation Brent and I had when we decided where to move:

Gena :  "Where should we move?"
Brent:  "Let's move somewhere where we can still use our boat to fish and recreate"
G:  "Ok, what are our options?"
B:  "Homer, Seward, or Valdez - Whittier is out of the question."
G:  "Why?"
B:  "Because they always say it is shittier in Whittier."
G:  "Oh."
B:  "Valdez is on the road system but still too far, and it might be hard getting out of Seward in the winter."
G:  "So, I guess we are moving to Homer?"
B:  "Yup"

When Brent and I first met, our first "trip" together was to Homer.  From what I remembered it was nice.  I had nothing against Homer. 

Once we decided where to move the job search began.  We bought a ferry ticket for an obscure date in April, and started planning.  Eventually we both landed summer seasonal jobs, packed, and said goodbye to the little island.  I regretfully left my "granny smith" bike behind - the front wheel was deeply frozen to the ground. 

After a beautiful ferry ride to Haines, and an equalily amazing drive to the Kenai Peninsula, we set up camp on the Anchor Point beach, and started property hunting.  Within a few weeks we closed on our 10 acres in Anchor Point.  Our summer jobs started, and our home building adventures began.