Thursday, February 14, 2013

Project # 3, Day 5,6, and 7

Project # 3

Do something special for your significant other every day this week. 

Day 5:  
Secret message in a bottle

Day 6: 
Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Pretzels, Port, a small gift, 
and quality couple time after the kids were put to bed!

Day 7:  
Hand made Valentine Card

I prepped for this week before it happened.  I thought I had a pretty good handle on it.  However, intentionally doing something SPECIAL for someone every day consecutively for a whole week was really hard!  By the 4th day I was tired of having to sneak around and stay up after everyone else was in bed so I could surprise him.  Still, I kept on.

It was worth it.

I spent so much time thinking about my husband this week that I realized how little I think about him on a daily basis now that we are so preoccupied with our kids and the hum drum of our daily life!  Spending so much time thinking of things to do for him that he would find special, and reasons why I love him rekindled something inside my heart.  Old feelings I had for my husband when we were first dating flooded back!  I find it amusing how living with someone for so long causes some pretty cool memories to fade (involuntarily, of course).

The lesson learned this week is that no matter how little the gesture, it is sure to be special and make a difference.

In the card that my husband gave to me today for Valentine’s day, he mentioned that all the sweet things I did for him this week have made him want to give back to me in a similar way soon.  This is proof that the spirit of giving is truly contagious and all good deeds you do will eventually come back and reward you in one way or another.

Remember to keep good Karma in your life!

Happy Valentine’s Day.
See you next week!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Project # 3, Day # 3 and #4

Project # 3:

Do something special every day this week for your significant other. 

Day 3:

Delicious and SINFULLY irresistible sugar cookies
for the sweetest man in the world.

Thank you Auntie Deb for sharing the recipe <3

Day 4:
52 Things I love about you.

I left this deck of cards for him to find on the kitchen counter next to his coffee this morning.
When he came home from work he told me how much he loved it.