Project # 3

For project # 3 I have decided to do something sweet for my husband every day of this week.  I have chosen to do it so it coincides with Valentines day.  The first mini project will be given to him on February 8th leading up to the last gift on Valentines day. 

Here is a list of the 7 things I plan to do for my husband this week:

1 - Make a print of the dates that are significant for us and frame it. 
2 - mason Jar of hearts (pinterest)
3 - make him personalized sweethearts using the recipe from the food network magazine
4 - 52 reasons why I love you (labels for cards Outer red box - 6cm x 4cm
Inner cream box - 5.3cm x 3.3cm

5 - bake him a giant love cupcake and place it next to framed print of the verse that was read during our wedding
6 - send him a secret message in a bottle using invisible ink - leading him to printed out coupons
7 -  Make him a V-day card with a big hole in it for a kiss
       Front: "Go ahead, ask me why there is a big hole in your card!"
       Inside upper: "So I can do this!!"

List of Materials to get:

2 different fabrics for hearts
red ribbon
deck of red cards
small heart cookie cutter
red edible writing pen

two different colored stock paper for card (one needs to be light enough to see writing on it
Stock paper for 12 coupons

Things to do:
write 52 reasons why I love him.
Write 12 coupons - one for every month of the year.
Think of all the dates that are significant to our relationship and a clever way to describe it.

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